2018 Toyota Tacoma TRD – Built for Adventure

April 11th, 2018 by

The Toyota Tacoma TRD is not built for those who follow the path. It is built for those who blaze their own trails.

We’re also tempted to say the Tacoma TRD runs on adrenaline rather than gasoline, but since adrenaline is hard to buy at the pump, stick to the usual when filling up.

What is the Tacoma TRD exactly? It’s Toyota’s attempt at off-road domination. It’s the tricked-out truck, built by truck enthusiasts, and tailored specifically for truck lovers. Let’s examine why the Tacoma TRD powers above and beyond what you typically expect from a more standard truck.


TRD Pro is equipped with custom-made internal bypass shock absorbers designed by FOX but tailored for TRD. The FOX brand is the elite name in the industry for all varieties of shock absorbers for ATVs, military vehicles, trucks and more, and you can definitely feel their presence with optimal movement and control off the beaten paths of the world. The suspension also features 2.5 inch aluminum housings, enlarged shock shafts; and higher ground clearance. It’s practically begging you to leave the comfort of the pavement and white lines behind.


This truck purrs, and with its 3.5-liter V6 engine under the hood, it purrs more like a lion rather than a house cat. It also breathes cleanly with its stainless steel, mandrel-bent, cat-back exhaust system. But we’re not done yet. Performance is further boosted by its standard high-powered fog lights as well as its Kevlar-enhanced Goodyear Wrangler tires – so you’ll be immediately equipped to hit the the off-road. The fog lights amplify your vision in fog, rain, dust, or snow, perfect for the working man who can’t allow weather to interfere with his job. The Kevlar-enhanced tires are assist in that effort as well, providing extra traction on slick or snowy surfaces.

Perhaps most noticeable of all, however, is the “safari snorkel” that was teased in the latest Toyota press release. For those who aren’t performance junkies, an intake snorkel provides multiple benefits to off-road drivers. Namely, it prevents the intake from drowning when crossing streams and rivers. Furthermore, in dusty off-road environments, a snorkel allows the engine to breathe cleaner air farther away from the cloud of dust being kicked into the air. It certainly adds a noticeable “edge” to the appearance as well, because only true off-road have ever utilized the feature.


Speaking of appearance, you’ll surely love the masculine blacked-out hood scoop, the black over fender, and the black sport bezels that house the headlights and the taillights. (Noticing a color trend here)? What really seizes your attention up front, though, is the heritage “TOYOTA” grille. It’s a classic nod to the past for a truck that is clearly not a throwback.


The Tacoma TRD Pro is no slouch on the inside either. The truck comes standard with leather-wrapped heated seats, a leather-wrapped shift knob, and headrests embossed with the TRD logo – all of which serve as immediate reminders that this is one bad truck. The technology is tricked out, too, with multi-terrain select, crawl control, and hill start assist control all coming standard and delivering extra oomph on rugged terrain.

Act Fast for This Limited Edition

If you’re looking for an adventure mobile with a truck bed, you might want to move fast as Toyota plans to make only 5,000 of these beauties. We recommend you contact Dick Hannah Toyota today to get your hands on one. Unless, of course, you don’t mind someone else driving off with your permanent adrenaline fix.

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