2018 Toyota C-HR

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2018 Toyota C-HR

Some are content to “play it safe”. They risk nothing, they gain nothing, and they paint their walls beige throughout their entire lives.

Meanwhile, in this world of beige, Toyota has painted a colorful masterpiece. Meet the 2018 Toyota C-HR – a subcompact crossover that has pushed its chips to the center of the table, daring anyone to match its boldness.

As Toyota’s newest model, it is clear that Toyota has gone “all in” with the C-HR. Let’s take a deeper look at the colors that comprise this artistic edition to Toyota’s 2018 lineup.

Exterior Styling

This is one seriously artistic vehicle. With its angular shape, bold curves, and striking contour lines, the 2018 immediately leaps to mind as the best looking subcompact crossover on the market. Its body style gives a simultaneously impression of being sporty and youthful, and we imagine it will be a hit with younger drivers in particular.


Our test drives of the vehicle show adequately punchy performance, however performance for the C-HR is neither overwhelming nor underwhelming. The results are certainly in-line with competing vehicles in the subcompact crossover space, but otherwise fail to stand out. In other words, if when you buy the C-HR, you’re buying it for other reasons.

Performance specs include a 144 horsepower engine with 139 pounds-foot of torque, with an EPA estimated 27/31 mpg city/highway. Totally reasonable. Totally adequate.

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Interior Features

Toyota drivers will immediately recognize the interior of the C-HR, which is built more conventionally than its exterior. The center console is built simply and economically – a feature that Toyota drivers have come to appreciate. The front seats are equipped with ample space, and both the driver and primary passenger will enjoy significant elbow room and knee room. However, the rear seats of the vehicle are slightly little less roomy than what we expected. This is definitely a crossover that has its primary two passengers’ comfort in mind.

2018 C-HR Pricing

Toyota is positioning the 2018 C-HR between $22,500 and $24,500, which is right in the middle of the pricing chart compared to other 2018 crossover models. However, the C-HR generally comes more “fully loaded” at its base model than other crossovers, so buyers receive more bang for their buck. Considering the popularity of the crossover market in Portland and Vancouver, and considering the benefits of the C-HR, we consider this to be a bargain of a price.


The 2018 C-HR is Toyota’s artistic foray into the subcompact market. The exterior itself is striking and the vehicle is priced just right as well. Performance and interior styling are acceptable, if unspectacular, but the exceptionally high curb appeal and the fair pricing makes the C-HR a perfect fit for Toyota lovers who dare paint their walls colors other than beige.

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